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Roles filled from our database
Fill rate (industry standard 25-30%)
16 years
Average industry experience in the consulting team

We are a boutique accounting, HR and supply chain recruitment firm.
We don't rely on advertising response.
Our candidate database, developed over many years, gives us access to a unique range of passive candidates.
We encourage candidates to become a member of our community by submitting their CV to us via our contact page.


If you’re looking for a low-cost transactional recruiter who is happy to flick you resumes without a proper briefing… call a competitor.

If you want to truly partner with an experienced and skilled team who know how to search out and recruit unique and often difficult to find talent, then call us, the difference will be evident right away.  


We are particular about the clients we work with.  We only work with companies who value our work, want a true partnership and treat our candidates well. With us, you can be assured of transparency, professionalism and communication, every step of the way.

If you think you have the skills and experience to impress us and our clients, call now and experience a new level of recruitment service.

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Team MyHorizon stay informed by monitoring a wide range of employment market indices.  We publish this data for the benefit of clients and candidates in our monthly News Bulletin.  We produce industry commentary through our regular blogs and post third party content on a daily basis.

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We are much more than just recruitment,
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